Usage: ENCRMSG [-PASS master password] [-CLEAR] [-SHOW] [target [key]]
Maintains encrypted communication sessions

Communication with nick/channel will be encrypted using key. Both
parties have to use the same key for encryption/decryption to work.
If only nick is specified you will be prompted for a password. If
nick is prepended with a '-' encrypted communication with that nick
is ended. If neither user nor key are given all users in encryption
list are listed. DCC CHAT sessions can be encrypted if nick starts
with '='. Use '-' as first character in key if you want to communicate
with users of ScrollZ v1.8j and older. Whenever encrypted communication
is used publics and private messages are prepended with [!]. DCC CHAT
messages are encrypted if nick is enclosed in *. Warning: messages are
cut at 304 characters to avoid decryption problems when IRC server cuts
the message. To see the passwords used for encryption specify -SHOW.
To clear the encryption list specify -CLEAR. You can set master
password with command PASSWD. Use -PASS to specify master password
on a command line.

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