Usage: LOAD [-args] <filename> [<arg0> <arg1> ...]
Loads the given file into irc, treating each line as an irc
command, just as if it were typed into the command line, but it
expects commands to not have leading command characters, for
compatibility it is however allowed. LOAD is the command used
automatically at irc startup to load the .scrollzrc file.

In a LOAD script it is allowed to have leading spaces and tabs
before the commands.

A long line, like a long alias definition, can be split over
multiple lines by putting { and } around it like this:
alias follow {
say sorry folks, got invited away
join -i;bow
say here i am especially for you

This format _MUST_ be used, you cannot put the { in the next
line and you cannot put the } elsewhere than by itself.
It is also not allowed to use { { } } constructs.

If the -args flag is specified, then each
line of the loaded file is alias expanded before it is executed,
just as if you had INPUT_ALIASES set to ON. The optional
arguments, arg0 arg1 etc, are then used to expand the argument
expandos ($*, $1, $2, etc) for each line. The -args switch
takes precedent over any changes of the setting of INPUT_ALIASES
in the loaded file. If you only want to expand certain lines
and not others, use EVAL to evaluate the given line expanding
variables. The default value for INPUT_ALIASES is now OFF
when loading a script.
Note also that the default value for DISPLAY is OFF as well.

Commands separated by ';' are not recognized by LOAD, that syntax
is for ALIAS, BIND and ON only.

The location of scripts should be shown in your LOAD_PATH variable
which can be changed to point to your own scripts if needed.

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