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ScrollZ v2.1, 23.12.2009

I'd like to dedicate this release to frash who passed away in September 2009.

NOTICE: Mailing list is no longer operational. It only received spam so we have decided to turn it off.

ISO 2022 JP encoding in lastlog
compilation using older compilers (gcc 2.95, reported by aflux)
IGNORE blah ^TYPE (reported by one)
SET DCC_HOST (requested by wiz)
line wrapping improvements (patch by jm_)
GNU TLS now uses pkg-config (patch by Mike Markley, thanks)
configure option to disable UTF-8 support
push line functionality, default bind is alt-q, see help for more info (patch by jm_)
default STATUS_FORMAT now properly terminates colour sequence to prevent background colour overflowing to next lines (reported by TrN)
FiSH encryption now requires libgmp (patch by TrN based on implementation by Dcoder)
SET ENCRYPT_PAD_MSGS and SET ENCRYPT_PAD_PUBLIC (an effort to make encryption less prone to frequency analysis attacks)
SET SAVE_ENCRYPTION_KEYS, when enabled keys used for encryption are saved to (requires master password to be set as keys are encrypted using master password, requested by TrN, you are prompted to enter master password when client is restarted if keys are found in
improvements to tabkey handling for directories (patch by jm_)
various small improvements
fixes for 64-bit systems (reported by Jugernaut)
some bugs that led to crashes (mostly dereferencing NULL pointers)
W without arguments uses current channel (patch by flashback)
buffer overflow crash (reported by fet)