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ScrollZ v2.3, 11.2.2016

NOTE: Homepage has been changed to

UTF-8 support should now work on OpenBSD out of the box (patch by Tomasz Konojacki)
configure --mandir (reported by NetBSD maintainer)
file mode bits for installed manual page (reported by NetBSD maintainer)
usage of deprecate GnuTLS types (reported by NetBSD maintainer)
iconv() compiler warnings on platforms that require const parameter (reported by NetBSD maintainer)
silly bug where channels that were not bound are displayed in current window
some numerics were not timestamped reported by Tim)
mIRC colours brown and orange were mixed (reported by Tim's gf kut)
IGNORE QUIT now works per channel (hi Jugernaut!)
hopefully scrolling through lastlog is now fixed for good
nick tab completion should now traverse all channels in search for matching nicks (reported by Tim)
more cases where channels go to wrong window, yay for ircii handling of hidden windows
silly bug which prevented client from ignoring repeated CTCP requests (reported by dcb314)
crash in VERSION reply on (reported by wiz)
do not display away status when not connected to a server
NEWHOST on Linux systems, it now uses proper APIs to collect assigned IP addresses (hi Jugernaut)
updated TLD table for $COUNTRY() - some TLDs were dropped (such as .CS or .YU), if you really miss them let me know and I can readd them
support for 256 colors if the terminal supports it - you can use FGx and BGx syntax in, for example, juha would enable EGO and use FG154,BG213 for PUBLIC color6 (patch by jm_)
SZsetup can be used to configure for 256 colors - use keys 'FfBb' to increase/decrease foreground/background, which works only when string FG or BG is found in color definiton and 'Ee' to insert the color string directly, but there is no real editing available so backspace or cursors might not work (patch by jm_)
SET INPUT_PROMPT_SHIFT_NEW, when set to ON it will show some context when shifting input prompt (patch by jm_)
FiSH encryption is now enabled by default, if you wish to disable it you can do so via configure option
SET SSL_PRIORITY_STRING when building with GnuTLS support, this can be used to enable or disable individual SSL protocols / ciphers
when connecting via SSL client will verify if server's certificate is valid (reported by Boyuan He)
SET SSL_CA_PATH to set path to CA certificate file
SET SSL_VERIFY_CERTIFICATE to enable or disable certificate verification (default is ON)
SZsetup now shows colour string for current entry
COLMISC color6 is used for URLs
crash in SETAWAY when current window is not connected to a server
SET URL_BUFFER_SIZE to set URL buffer size (default is 30 URLs)
SSL connections should work without pauses before new data is received