Usage: PASSWD [old_password [new_password]]
Sets master password for ENCRMSG and log files

Be sure not to forget your password or you will not be able
to read encrypted files!! Use one word for password, the
longer it is the better. If you're changing it specify old
password as first argument and new password as second argument.
If old password won't match, new password will NOT be set! If
setting it for the first time, just set your password. It is
possible to disable encryption, just pass the current password.
Use SZdecode.c to read the encrypted files. It is possible to
use it in interactive mode so you don't have to specify password
on the command line. If setting the password for the first time you
will be prompted only once. If changing the password you will be
asked to enter the old password first. To disable the encryption
just press Enter.

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