IRC-ADMIN - Person who have access to all files concerning ircd.
IRC-OP - Person who have privileges given to him by an IRC-ADMIN.
And who is in charge at HIS server.
CHAN-OP - Person who runs a channel and has absolute rights there.
USER - Person who is using IRC.


Users Behavior on the Internet Relay Chat system

The Internet Relay Network (IRC) is a system for communicating with other

IRC is a free speech system. Users may exchange viewpoints with other
users. But to protect people from abuse there are certain rules that the
user MUST respect.

If a USER doesn't respect the guidelines/rules stated below, then the
IRC-ADMIN may suspend or reduce the availability for the USER.

These things are prohibited:

* Using offensive words in channel topics.

* Harassing another user. Harassment is defined as behavior towards
another user with the purpose of annoying them.
Harassment is a matter of opinion of the IRC-OP.

* "Dumping" a lot of text to a channel.

* Annoying another user or a channel with constant beeping.

* Any behavior reducing the functionality of IRC.

What kind of action a user is doing to break these rules are up to the
IRC-OP to decide.

Violation should be straighted out via a civilized conversation between
the IRC-OP and the USER.
If the USER is not on-line then the USER should be notified by EMail.
If the USER wont respect what he's been told then it is up to the IRC-ADMIN
what to do with the USER.

Many many problems can be avoided all together if the CHAN-OP puts necessary
restrictions on his/her channel or if the USER learns how to use IGNORE.

If someone finds a USER violating these rules he may contact the USER's
To find a USERS IRC-ADMIN one may use the /ADMIN <nick-name>.

Ove Ruben R Olsen
IRC-ADMIN for Bergen Edu. College, Norway.


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